This form will allow you to easily request a single homeopathic remedy.

For more than one item, non-standard remedies, health supplements and books, please use the freeform multiple item order form.

We can also prepare new remedies if supplied with a small amount of source material. View the pricelist here.

1. Type name of remedy required in box on right
2. Form
tablets pills granules crystals soft tabs powders
cream ointment gel liquid potency (20% alc) mother tincture
Click to view the available solid dosage forms
3. Potency
Mother tincture (none) cream/oint/gel (standard)
6x 6c 12c 30c 200c 1M 10M
Other potency
4. Size (oral forms)
7g (approx 70 tabs)14g 28g 60g
100g (approx 1000 tabs) powder sachets (specify number on right)
Number of units required (or number of powders)
4. Size (liquid/tinctures)
5ml (100 drops) 10ml 30ml 50ml
100ml (non-dropper)
4. Size (creams/ointments/gels)
30g gel* 30g tube** 40g jar 80g jar
120g jar 250g jar 500g jar

*a) Freemans Arnica and Rhus/Ruta/Arnica (RRA) available as gels.
**b) Nelsons Arnica, Burns, Calendula, H-Care Creams.

All others are made to order in jars.

5. Dispatch Details

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7. Terms & Conditions

Please Note: Errors or omissions should be reported within 3 days of receipt. Each item is prepared individually for each specific request and therefore we will not replace items correctly supplied as ordered. We take no responsibility for delay, loss or charges incurred in transit. Please read the notes below before placing your order. Our responsibility to the order will be deemed to have been met in full at the time of dispatch and by submitting your order, you are accepting these terms without recourse.

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8. Transmit order

Important Notes
1) Trade and professional clients with permanent accounts should select the "invoice" payment option and ensure account reference is entered in the box above.
Please note that the usual minimum charge and order terms apply for your acount. Your invoice will be either inside the envelope or attached to the front in a plastic document pocket - do not discard.
2) Retail clients - UK p&p £3.95 flat rate, Overseas at cost (minimum £5.50)
3) Overseas orders may only be paid by card or PayPal in advance of dispatch -
we will email you with payment procedures.
4) We reserve the right to request advance card or PayPal payment for any order.